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Wicker mat

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Wicker mat is a natural product for many applications at home and in the garden. These mats are made of Polish wicker. It can be used as a cover element to the existing fence, balcony or terrace. It can serve as a roller blind, cover for trees, flower pots and other elements of garden architecture. Mats made of fresh wicker are characterized by green and brown color. In the summer, the mat changes its color and it becomes all brown. Wicker mat can be protected from weather conditions by painting it with the use of Drewnochron (a liquid formulation for the maintenance of wood). Sizes of offered wicker mats – height: from 0.9 m to 2.0 m, length: 3 or 5 meters. Galvanized steel wire was used in the production process. Durability of wicker mats can be determined for a few years, depending on weather conditions. These mats are installed with the use of a wire or self-locking wraps. We invite you to visit our online store www.mata-wiklinowa24.pl. It is possible to perform customized wicker mats.

For more information:  e-mail: matprofi@wp.pl.

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